Our Vision

We are the premier global supplier of choice in stamped metal manufacturing and precision engineering – using leading innovative technologies and processes to improve our response to solutions that reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve time-to-market.

Global Reach

Over the years, Toledo Tool and Die has come to embrace the increasing complex interactions that we have come to profoundly experience as a global organization; collectively cognizant of interdependent forces of regulation, trade agreements, and economics. These forces have become the globalization of our business – an internationalization of both market threat and opportunity.

We commit to forge partnerships and serve as the preferred global supplier partner in North American, Asian, and South American automotive markets. Armed with decades of collective experience and our founding principles, we strive to achieve an unmatched service to our customers utilizing a four strand approach of unrivaled quality, lean manufacturing techniques, world class engineering, and advanced logistics. Our commitment to innovation binds these core values. We inject creative technological solutions into all aspects of this multi-faceted approach to ensure that our customers achieve market leadership and retains competitiveness in the global arena.

Die Design and Build: We are ready and able to create a huge range of products to fit your needs.

Facility and Resources: Our 105,000 square foot facility is full of innovative tools and products.

Manufacturing: Our streamlined, cost-effective approach guarantees that you’ll receive a competitive price and a remarkable product.

Engineering: Our engineers and technicians are experienced and highly knowledgeable.