You’d be hard pressed to find another tool and die company ready and able to perform as diverse an array of services as Toledo Tool and Die. At TTD we seek to provide every single service that our clients might require, and as such, we have filled our 105,000 square foot base of operations with a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and machines to aid our cause.

In addition, and most importantly, we guarantee that every employee who mans those machines is more than fully qualified to do so. When you purchase a product from Toledo Tool and Die, you’ll know it’s been crafted by an expert every step of the way. We offer a huge range of services and products at TTD. Here are a few of them:

  • We construct our own dies using innovative machines and expert-level knowledge to ensure the quality of each and every product.
  • We weld and construct a wide variety of fixtures and accessories.
  • We can construct and install poka-yoke features to ensure that every product we create is entirely safe to use.
  • We offer a wealth of products, including personalized gages, prototypes, stampings, wire EDM, tools, dies and assemblies, all produced in-house.


Beyond the tremendous range of products and services we offer, why should you trust the work of Toledo Tool and Die?

  • Our strict quality system guarantees the complete integrity of every component of every product we create.
  • Our belief in the philosophy of “lean manufacturing” underscores our commitment to our client’s satisfaction.
  • We have been the recipient of several awards and commendations for the quality of our products, the efficiency with which we were able to complete them and the general performance of our employees. Despite these accolades, we continuously work to become more efficient
  • We are able to deliver high-quality products quickly, and in a cost-effective manner by reducing waste and streamlining the production process through the usage of tools like 3D-modeling software and computer-aided machines. We are able to offer highly competitive prices largely because of these streamlining efforts.
  • Our emphasis on simultaneous engineering means that we’ll stick with your project from conception through completion as a team, ensuring regular communication and coordination to guarantee consistency during the production process.
  • We have the knowledge, the tools, and the financial stability to produce a quality product every single time without fail.