What we value in the market is consumer demand – our customer’s need. Moreover, where does the value of the organization lie? At Toledo Tool and Die, we find that the value of our organization lies on the observable periphery – those individuals who convert the intrinsic values of the company’s reputation, ethics, due diligence, and energy into quantifiable standards of measurement to improve market growth, increase revenues, and raise cost efficiency for our customers.

Managers manage resources, leaders solve problems. Underpinning the contributions to our success as an effective manufacturing organization and global partner is the wealth of knowledge, unity, and leadership of four family generations. The foundation of our culture is a strong entrepreneurial spirit and consistent commitment to our core principles of manufacturing and continuous improvement. We charge our management with the responsibility of integrating decades of leadership, resources, and culture together to achieve our vision.

We believe in our culture and in our people. Every employee plays an important role as we work together to achieve a common set of goals. It is the intent and priority of our founders and current owners that all employees are provided job security, opportunities for growth, and job satisfaction in a safe environment promoted by team spirit, mutual respect, and fairness. Ultimately, our goal is to have all employees feel valued and connected to the Toledo Tool and Die family and share in its success.